Machining Center…

Preventative maintenance requirements for trouble free performance

Machining Center Daily Inspection


  • Inspect the oil level of the operating oil tanks (hydraulic unit, central lubrication, spindle chiller tank, rotary table gear box…) and coolant level in tank before starting the operation. If the level in tanks is below standard point, refill liquid or if oil is discolored replace.. For the correct oil grade refer to the Inspection and maintenance chapter in the instruction manual
  • Check oil skimmer tank and drain if necessary.
  • Check strainers in coolant tank. Remove and clean (use compressed air).


  • Check pressure gauges for hydraulic unit, mist lubricating unit, cooling unit, ways lubrication unit and compressed air.
  • Check fans in electrical cabinet for air flow.
  • Check conveyor and spiral screw for smooth movement.
  • Check tool clamp/unclamp by manual mode clean spindle taper .
  • Check spindle orientation (M19) and compare with ATC twin arm position.
  • Return all axes to the reference position .
  • Run warm up procedure for spindle and all axes.
  • Check high pressure coolant pump for oil level and pressure with tool in the spindle.


  • Check for noise in each part of machine during operation.
  • Check load percentage for all axes and spindle in motions (no cutting).


  • Clean remaining chips around table , slide covers, APC carrier, spindle and ATC arm. Remove coil chips from all the tools in the magazine . Do not use compressed air (air gun), recommended brush, rags or coolant.
  • Check way covers or bellow covers for smooth movement and apply lubrication oil on cover guides.
  • Check wipers for damage

Machining Center Inspection every three months

Inspect the following components and keep record of the result. When a problem is found, correct it by repair or replacement before next operation.

  • Follow daily Inspection first
  • Check alignment for headstock, table (B-axis), X-axis center, ATC, APC.
  • Check backlash for all axis correct if necessary.
  • Check zero position for X, Y, Z, B, W- axis adjust by grid shift or zero return. (Deviation between X0 and the center of the table)
  • Check limit switches for correct reading and clean.
  • Check solenoid valves for moisture and or dirt.. Clean.
  • Inspect and apply grease for ball screws and linear guides if applicable
  • Lubricate and grease according to the table of lubrication . Look for sticker on the machine or refer to the instruction manual chapter Inspection and Maintenance
  • Clean and wash heat exchanger on hydraulic unit.
  • Check for damage of tool holders and pull studs , check O-rings.
  • Check all belts for deflection and proper tension.
  • Check for oil leakage on hydraulic and lubrication piping circuit.

Machining Center Inspection every six months

  • Follow daily Inspection and inspection every three months first
  • Open all covers and clean machine. .
  • Replace coolant and oil according to lubrication chart.
  • Inspect, clean and / or replace filters (coolant, lubrication, air filters). For details about location and specification please refer to the Inspection and maintenance chapter in the instruction manual.
  • Check the level of machine and adjust if necessary.
  • Inspect the accuracy of machine based on the accuracy inspection table.
  • Check for broken or damaged parts (bellow covers, way covers, door slides and rollers, coolant rotary coupling, limit switches, conveyor chain links……)
  • Check electrical terminals and connectors for moisture and dust, check tightness. Check and clean heat sinks for drive units and fans.
  • Check for loosening bolts .
  • Check backup battery voltage for NC and servo drives .